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Inside Bec + Bridge’s first stand alone store, Bondi

Fashion lovers – you’re in for a delight! After 15 years in the fashion business, Australian womenswear label Bec + Bridge have finally opened their first stand-alone store in Sydney.

Previously, the label has only ever traded online and through numerous stockists, but with international sales figures increasing by 400% and its ever-growing popularity, it seems only logical for the brand to launch their first concept store in the heart of Bondi Junction.

Interior architect George Livissianis – the talent behind restaurants The Apollo, The Dolphin and retail store Jac + Jack – worked closely with the women behind Bec + Bridge, Becky Cooper and Bridget Yorston, to create a space that is signature to their label and how they connect with their customer.

George tells Habitus Living

“As a male, it’s quite hard to click with a brand that’s for 20 year old girls. We kind of worked through an exercise of trying to create a brief and a lot of that came from seeing their lookbooks and their images.”

George drew influence from their uniquely Australian aesthetic and specific Sydney style that is embedded in the brand and brought the label to life in a space that represents Bec + Bridge for what it truly is.

Located in Bondi Junction’s Westfield, the store subtly references the outdoors, while still maintaining its sophistication and elegance, reflected through the clothing that hangs from floating racks, surrounded by fresh blooms sitting pretty on the store’s onyx countertop.

The floor of the store features paving, to create the resort vibe that George hoped to reflect from the brand. Distinct to the concept store is a European-inspired vaulted ceiling that diffuses the centre’s lighting and mimics natural sunlight.

Predominantly using a soft pink colour palette, the store is feminine and romantic, accented with a pink leather lounge, textured furnishings and chairs, and beautiful arched mirrors, with this shape echoed through the curved edges of the perspex display benches. And of course, it’s all totally ‘Instagrammable’.

Visit Bec + Bridge‘s store at Bondi Junction Westfield and explore below…

Photography by Tom Ferguson 

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