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Kip&Co’s Subtropics collection drops for Spring/Summer 2016

Wander bare-foot, sand between your toes to Kip&Co’s castaway paradise, SS16 Subtropics: a treasure chest of beautifully curated products for every corner of your home this summer.

Alex, Kate and Hayley launched Kip&Co in 2012 offering bright, colourful, beautiful bedding and have quickly expanded into a covetable, vibrant lifestyle brand. This season, Kip&Co’s signature adult bedding collection is complemented by a comprehensive range of designer rugs, woven blankets, and cushions in rich hues, feminine pastels, apricots and lavender with plenty of linen, soft cotton and velvet.

Kip&Co’s lush velour towel collection has been expanded this season with fun kid’s beach ponchos and woven hammam towels in bright bold prints, while the brand’s travel collection, now in its second season, sees the return of Kip&Co’s ultimate weekender bag and the addition of a new cosmetics bag range and relaxed, casual duffle bags, finished with leather trims and brass detailing.

Subtropics’ ‘Tiny’ and ‘Kids’ capsules offer fun and adventure with bright, cheeky, care-free prints in breathable bamboo baby swaddles and blankets – a cult favourite for design-focused mums! And of course, ‘Body’ is back, this time with casual slouchy lounge-style sleepwear and bathrobes in tropical prints.

Explore Kip&Co’s punchy Spring/Summer 2016-17 collection ‘Subtropics’ below and shop online here:

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