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Lighting tips for every room in your home

Although lighting plays a crucial part in both interior and exterior spaces, we tend to pay far less attention to it than we should. We often give most of our time to looking for the perfect furniture and accessories without realising that they only really look there best when there is proper lighting. Lighting also creates the mood and ambience of a room, making it a crucial element of homes that feel good to be in.

If you don’t know where to start, here are some simple tricks and ideas to consider when choosing the lighting needs for each room in your house.

Living Room

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Griffin Semi Flush from Urban Lighting

Since living rooms are where family and friends usually gather for long periods of time, you need lighting fixtures that can make your home more welcoming. Opt to use a combination of floor lamps and table lamps to create an inviting and relaxed vibe. Aside from setting a mood, floor lamps can actually illuminate your favourite pieces in the room; while table lamps highlight the things you love to see. Add downlights or a classic ceiling light for an overall glow to your living room.


2 - Cage Pendant Light

Cage Pendant Light from Urban Lighting

The kitchen, being the busiest place in the house may require different types of light fixtures. So in order to save on lighting costs, it’s important to pick out a product that’s multi-functional. Overhead lights such as pendant light fixtures provide necessary task lighting to table and kitchen islands, which has the benefit of separating your cooking and dining areas in a very stylish way. Another benefit to this is that it brings the light closer to the areas where you need good visibility, while providing a pleasant look to your kitchen.


3 - Acantas Pendant

Acantas Pendant from Urban Lighting

Free up your bedside table and give your bedroom a more modern look by introducing pendant lights. Although they are more commonly used in kitchens, pendants also look pretty in bedrooms. It’s a practical way of adding a character to your room, and instantly refreshes your space.


4 - Soho Curved Wall Sconce

Soho Curved Wall Sconce from Urban Lighting

Create a relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom using wall lights and ceiling mounted light fixtures. However, when going with this approach it’s essential to remember that each has a specific application. Since ceiling lights throw light over a wide area, they work extremely well over a toilet and a shower. Wall lights on the other hand, are used to provide direct radiance on bathroom mirrors. For better illumination, make sure that wall lights are mounted at eye level on both sides of the mirror.

Need more inspiration? Discover what looks and works best for your home now. Make sure to visit Urban Lighting for impressive home lighting fixtures to brighten up your space.

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