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Inside Point Lonsdale’s luxuriously laid back Lon Retreat

It was only a few days ago that I wrote about wellness becoming part of our work culture.

But how about wellness when it comes to our time away? Many of us seek to slow down and indulge when we are on holidays – but more than ever, we seek to give back to our bodies and souls in the form of wellness activities.

Victoria’s Point Lonsdale has long been a destination for R&R, but the newly imagined accommodation and spa offering – Lon Retreat – takes this getaway experience up a notch.

Lon Retreat is nestled on a 200 acre Point Lonsdale estate, which has been part of the same family for almost 150 years. In fact, the seventh generation now call the former orchard home.

While previously developed as luxury guest accommodation in 1997, owner Claire Gemes and her husband Rob brought in Rob’s father – an architect – and Barwon Heads’ Pip Interiors in 2017/2018 to redesign the home. The result is a seven bedroom sandstone bespoke accommodation destination with a luxurious day spa, inclusive of a heated indoor mineral pool.

As Claire says:

We have created a place where guests can disconnect from the busyness of their lives and reconnect with the beautiful experiences that can be found in slowing down and keeping things simple. The antidote to a busy life.

Lon Retreat is a study in the use of local suppliers, from the relaxed and “lived in” furniture from Pop and Scott and Mark Tuckey to the wallpaper from Willie Weston – who partner with Indigenous designers to create their designs, and artwork by Kimmy Hogan, Emma Itzstein and Hannah Nolan – all known for work that heavily references Australian flora and landscapes.

Then there’s the consideration that has gone into the guest rooms, each named after a cloud formation – Cirrus, Stratus, Nimbus and more – referencing the views over the ocean, lakes and surrounding farmland from each. Every room is also unique in design and character – with different compositions and touches.

But what draws these rooms together – and indeed the entire property – is the earthy, grounded and lived in aesthetic: a look we could call quintessentially “laid back Australian”. Think plenty of timber, natural stone, linen and native flora – fresh in each room from the on-site plantation managed by owner Claire Gemes’ mum and sister.

So breathe deep, slow down and take a look below at a place wrapped in serenity and Australian hospitality… Lon Retreat.

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Images: Lon Retreat, photographed by Nikole Ramsay

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