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Make your home BIGGER with these simple tips!

A house is one of the largest investments you make and it is not always easy or affordable to move to a new property. Whether you feel like you need more space, or you are just looking to increase the value of your home, there are lots of design ideas you can try to make your rooms feel bigger.


Creating an indoor/outdoor room

Having access to the outdoors is essential for quality of life, but if you don’t have a large backyard or want to make better use of your yard, consider installing glass sliding doors. Glass sliding doors act like windows, letting light in and visually opening a room to the outside. If you are considering installing glass sliding doors or renovating your existing sliding doors, contact a professional service such as A J Doors.


Open plan living

Open plan designs are a modern idea that has changed the way homes work and feel. An open plan means that the living areas of the house are, for the most part, not separated by walls. This means your kitchen can open out to your dinning room and lounge. Essentially all the communal space of the house is in one really big room. If you feel like your house is too cramped and has too many small rooms consider employing a professional to knock down a wall and create a much larger open plan space. 


Looking up

Most people think a room only feels spacious if it is as wide as possible, however many rooms feel equally open if they have higher ceilings or high windows. When designing or renovating your house, don’t forget to look up and think about how to add space by lifting or removing a ceiling. Changing a ceiling can be difficult and removing it might only work if you have beautiful timber rafters hidden behind the plaster. Adding high windows is a good alternate to renovating a ceiling. Clerestory windows are a type of high window that allow lots of light into a room and provide views to the sky. 


Natural light

Natural light is essential to opening up the atmosphere of a room. If your room is dark or requires artificial lights during the day then you should really consider bringing in light from outside. Normally windows are the best solution because they provide both light and view out, however skylights are also very effective in bringing light into an enclosed room. 


Natural colours

Painting a room in natural colours will amplify any light in the room and open up the space. Natural colours are also great for decorating, because they allow for a wide range of décor colours and furniture styles. It is important to note that lighter natural colours work the best to open up a room.

Space is a valuable commodity and if you don’t want to move to a newer, larger home, it is possible to re-design your existing home to maximise the space you have. Think about these design ideas when planning your renovation but don’t forget to seek professional help if required.

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