Meet the sheer blinds that convert to a block out!

Imagine having soft, airy and sheer blinds that filter in that natural light so beautifully… which you can then effortlessly convert to a blockout window covering to ramp up the privacy or stop the full sun coming in…

Well my friends, today I’m introducing you to a product that does just that and I’m sure it’ll blow your mind a little too!

I have a conundrum and I don’t think I’m alone. I crave natural light and adore the look of elegant, sheer curtains. BUT: I also hate the possibility of anyone being able to see in my windows! So when I heard about Vertisheers – I knew I had to investigate further!

Vertisheers are an innovative design by Half Price Blinds that give us both the flexibility and the chic design that we all desire for our homes.

These “Vertisheer Blinds” appear as sheer curtains but contain discrete ‘vanes’ (or blind slats) that can be adjusted with a simple cord to filter light as needed. Genius!

Lightweight, versatile and modern, these translucent curtains give us the option for privacy without compromising on sunlight.

And that sounds pretty perfect to me!

We can also choose from a range of shades and, like me, I’m sure you’ll like knowing that they are long lasting and low maintenance (a brush down will keep them free of dust and clean!).

I’m super excited to discover this product – and at a very friendly price too! Check out Half Price Blind’s Vertisheer Blinds here and scroll on down for the most gorgeous images of them too!

This post proudly supported by Half Price Blinds.


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