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Melbourne’s Fazeek does it again!

It’s been just over one year since I first came across Fazeek and interviewed owner Jackie Fazekas. But can you believe it, this powerhouse has already launched into a new range of products?!

I don’t think many words are needed for this post, because the products speak for themselves. They are Fazeek’s first ever collection of colourful belly baskets – all hand painted right here in Melbourne, Australia.

These playful baskets are perfect to store anything in – from blankets in the lounge room to kids toys, or even our indoor plants! I love the simple white prints for myself but if I had kids, I reckon they’d be getting a colourful one each!

And can we just take a moment to appreciate that STYLING! Oh my! I told Jackie how impressed I was and she let me she’s building up her styling portfolio too. I can see why!

If you want more of a Fazeek hit, check out my previous features here and here and head over to Fazeek’s website right here!

Now, enjoy…

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