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Melbourne’s new Asian-influenced Workshop Brothers Glen Waverley

What happens when you put an interior designer studio, a branding team and a three young restaurateurs in a room? Well, if you’re lucky (and very talented), you’ll end up with something like Workshop Brothers Glen Waverley. It’s the new addition to the Workshop Bros stable of cafes – joining one in Glen Huntley and two in Melbourne’s CBD.

Brothers Nolan and Brian Taing and partner Joe La’s latest venture is markedly different from the others. It is their first location serving breakfast through to dinner, and with a menu inspired by the trio’s Chinese heritage. The team assembled the best in the business – including Studio Esteta and Pop & Pac – to create their stunning new Asian-influenced food destination.

The interiors are bold and vibrant, with a palette of peachy and plum tones giving the space an instant point of difference. Yet there is a refinement and sophisticated too, particularly with the clean lines, gold-fixture lighting and minimal styling.

Meanwhile, circles are rich in meaning and symbolism in Asian culture – and this shape is used generously, from the plywood arches that divide the different seating areas to circular furniture and joinery details. As Studio Estela Director, Sarah Cosentino, told Yellow Trace:

“The design language draws upon and celebrates playful cliches of retro styled Asian restaurants. This is coupled with our own personal nostalgic memories of retro Asian restaurants, typically layered and over embellished with the theatrical use of the circle, think; lazy-susans, granite, round tables, vinyl clad chairs, plum accents and pink.”

Explore this exciting new addition to the already impressive Melbourne food scene below, and visit Workshop Bros here.

Workshop-Brothers-Glen-Waverley-by-Studio-Esteta-Yellowtrace-06 Workshop-Brothers-Glen-Waverley-by-Studio-Esteta-Yellowtrace-07 Workshop-Brothers-Glen-Waverley-by-Studio-Esteta-Yellowtrace-09 Workshop-Brothers-Glen-Waverley-by-Studio-Esteta-Yellowtrace-10


Photography by Tessa Ross-Phelan

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