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Melbourne’s Powder Laundry takes millennial pink to the next level

Instagramming a laundromat is the last thing you’d expect yourself to be seen doing, yet somehow the 21st Century does funny things to us.

Melbourne based interior architecture Studio Tate has rolled out their latest project – Powder Laundry – across multiple locations in Melbourne. The laundromat is none other than uber pink, and the concept sets the tone for how cool it really is to be doing your washing within the public community.

The design takes inspiration from traditional coin laundries of Tokyo while maintaining that retro, kitschy vibe of what we envision laundromats to be.

With a ‘millennial pink’ palette – the colour we’ve seen so much of in home furnishings and interior in the last 18 months, the idea comes from that stray red sock that happens to make its way into your load of white sheets. Matched with a terrazzo floor, grey rubber benches, bar stool seating and industrial type metal finishings – overall it really is a chic minimalist’s dream.

“The circular pothole of the washing machine becomes a recurring motif, with joinery created from overlaying multiple circles, and material selections such as white perforated metal backed with a soft pink. The tactile sensibilities of this manual task have been exploited using a variety of textures, including studded rubber for counter-tops” – Studio Tate

Accompanied with free Wi-Fi, USB chargers, power outlets as well as becoming the first and only laundromat to be coin-free – Powder Laundry is your new go-to productive space while you watch your clothing spin!

Take a look below…

Photography by Tessa Ross-Phelan – Courtesy of Studio Tate

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