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guide / here’s your checklist for moving homes

My partner and I are going to be shifting home in a month or so and now – with the number of times I’ve moved exceeding fingers to count them on – there’s a few things I’ve learnt!

Moving house can be stressful! I find it takes way longer than I expect to pack everything up. Unpacking is the easy thing!! But then there’s all those empty boxes, packing paper and bubble wrap to try find a place to store!

As I start planning our next move, here are a few tried and tested tips to keep in mind:

1. Arrange to connect your internet and phone

Arrange the connection with your internet provider at least three weeks prior to handover to avoid being without a connection. Skip long waiting cues and book this in well in advance. If you’re frustrated with your current internet and phone provider, consider using a voip connection instead.

2. Book your removalists

Booking your removalist needs considerable research. Try not to be lured by the cheapest quote and avoid backyard movers at any cost. Check with friends and colleagues for recommendations or search online for third party removalists reviews so you can be satisfied you are dealing with reputable and professional furniture removalists – don’t be tempted to trust your valuables with the cheapest bidder. In this industry you get what you pay for.

3. Connect your energy

Connecting your energy is generally a simple process but I get it – it can seem daunting or confusing. You’ll need to arrange new connection and disconnection dates and remove the names from the account of the out-going tenants at your new property. This process can be arranged by calling your energy provider within 1 week of your move date.

4. Update your new address

Update your new address as early as possible. This means notifying any person or organisation for which you’ll need to receive important correspondence. Remember to inform the following:

  • Home delivery services
  • Newspaper or magazine subscriptions
  • Post office
  • Insurance providers
  • Financial institutions
  • Superannuation company
  • Kids school
  • Friends and family
  • Electoral role

You can also arrange a mail forwarding service to save you missing important letters that are still going to your old place. Doing this also gives you a bit of time to change over those addresses from organisations you might have missed the first time!

5. Pack a survival box

Before you start packing any boxes, put aside a box or two for those easy-to-lose but essential items. Your survival box should include things like allen keys and tools needed to dismantle and reassemble furniture – use labelled snap lock bags for screws and bolts. Also arrange a survival box for devices and their accessories (aka PHONE CHARGERS!).

6. Pack an overnight box 

Similar to your survival box, arrange a box or two containing essentials for your first night. These should include toiletries, a change of clothes, toilet paper, bed linen, towels, tea, coffee and anything else you can think of.  Avoid having to search through boxes and bags for essential items when you can easily avoid having to do so.

Other essential must do’s when moving house include changing the locks at your new residence, cutting keys, arranging professional cleaners for both properties, calling in a pest control technician to spray your new home and arranging house and contents insurance.

Follow through this checklist and that house move of yours is going to be that bit more hassle free! Have I missed any steps? Please add in the comments below!

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