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My six tips for ‘grown up’ girls’ spaces

If you follow me on Pinterest, it’ll be no surprise to you that I love kids room styling! We can just have that bit more fun when it comes to little ones’ rooms, playing with colour, scale and whimsical touches. I’ve collated my favourite girl spaces from Pinterest to highlight my top tips for styling girls’ spaces. Take a look!

1. Choose soft, neutral-coloured walls.

Avoid using colours, particularly pink, on your daughter’s bedroom walls. As she grows older, it’s unlikely she’s going to want to stay with the girly look. Plus, if you’re looking to sell your home, coloured walls in kids rooms do not help to sell houses. Instead, opt for off white or misty grey and if you want to mix things up, apply removable wall stickers for some fun!

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2. Make use of height

Using the height of a room is often overlooked and can add functionality and interest, particularly to smaller spaces. So add some open shelves to display toys or books or a row of hooks to display those special outfits. This is an area that can be easily updated with your daughter’s favourite pieces as she grows older.

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3. Add fun and softness with rugs

Little girls love to sit and read or play. So make the floor inviting for yours by layering rugs in different textures and patterns. By keeping wall colours and furniture neutral, the rugs will add character and a feature to the space.


4. Layer bedcovers for princess vibes

Lots of little girls love to feel like a princess, so make your daughter’s bed fit for a queen with gorgeous exotic, patterned throws and linen. Mix up patterns for an eclectic aesthetic and mix different sized cushions for a touch of je ne sais quoi.

5. Create her own ‘babe cave’

Create a space where your daughter is going to love bringing her friends into. A simple teepee can instantly add a secret-telling hideout or a play and reading den. Add some paper pom poms or a bunting to take the teepee from plain to precious!

6. Go for fairy-lighting 

Create a space fit for a fairy with plenty of fairy-lighting. Strings of balls or stars make for a magical touch to a girl’s room. Hang these across books shelves, vertically down in a corner or across the bedhead to create that special twinkle.

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See more on my ‘girls space’ Pinterest board here or explore my ‘boys space’ board if you’re in need of inspiration for your little guy’s bedroom.

All images from here and here.

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