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New book: Inspiring Through Creative Design by Bronnie Masefau

I was very lucky to receive a little package in the letterbox the other day – a beautiful, glossy book all about interiors and ‘enjoying the journey’.

Although finding the time to sit down and indulge in a read is often hard to find, there’s nothing like the feel of a real book in these days where we consume most of our information online or on the go via our smartphones.

Melbourne-based Bronnie Masefau is a mum of three, a best-selling author and identifies as ‘more of a homemaker than an interior designer’.

You may have seen her previous titles, ‘Australian Vintage Living, putting the heart back into home’ and ‘Australian Vintage Living, making anywhere home’ with pages full of inspiring images and practical advice on how you can turn a house into a home that is embraced by all.

Her new book captures the design influences that Bronnie has experienced throughout her travels, as well as series of photos exploring a beach home with a sprinkling of Turkish touches, three meter high antique Spanish door, 18th century hand-carved trunks, Greek artefacts and pages more of texture-rich, personality-full rooms.

Inspiring Through Creative Design is one of those books that you can refer to countless times for some inspiration, an escape into other people’s homes and for simple advice for creating spaces you really love.

Here’s a peek inside the book…
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