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New pretty print store – meet Russet Design!

Say hello to the cutest new prints on the market, from the even lovelier team at Melbourne-based Russet Design. Friends Victoria and Nicole create bright and beautiful limited edition wall art. The two were both on maternity leave searching for unique and affordable prints to fill their homes when they realised the gap in the market. The hunt turned into the design of covetable art prints (including custom baby name pieces!) that make a statement framed or taped with colourful washi tape to the wall!

With simple shapes and cheerful colours, the little company is making big waves in the online print landscape. Read more about Russet Design below, and follow the team on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram!

How did Russet Design come about?

When we met nearly 5 years ago, Vic and I realised we shared an obsession with interiors and homewares. We did an interior design course together but what we really loved was to sit down together and brainstorm to create new print designs. Although our design aesthetic overlaps, there’s enough difference between us to keep us on our toes and keep things interesting!

Tell us about yourselves!

Victoria has a background in psychology and worked as a research fellow before taking a career break to have kids and is a Co-Founder of Shop Trawl – a new design start-up promoting Australian and NZ retail and design, while I (Nicole)  have a background in Graphic Design and run my own small business as a freelancer.

How do you create your prints? 

We always collaborate. Usually one of us will get inspiration from somewhere, a sculpture, textiles, the natural environment, the media and pop culture, or from almost anywhere, and then we’ll sit down and work out what we want to create. We save visual inspiration in dropbox or Pinterest, and we document our ideas in any way we can. We often brainstorm and then go away and fine-tune a design to create a certain mood or feeling, and then Nicole has the technical skills and graphic design training to pull it all together. We tend to opt for simplicity in design. As we love to say – less is more!

Are they original, one of a kind, reprints?

All our work is original, and each design is part of a limited edition run of prints to ensure their scarcity. No one likes to walk into a house and see identical artwork to their own! A small print run of between 10 and 50 means our customers can have something unique, and we keep the pricing affordable so walls can be refreshed with a new design whenever the mood takes them. However we like to believe that our prints will be hanging on walls for many years!

How would you describe the Russet customer?

Creative sparks! We’ve been sent some photos from customers to show us where our art has ended up, and we always notice that they’re very design-savvy and can pull together a great-looking room. They’re probably similar to us in that they also stay on top of design trends and have a lot of interest in design-related media, from similar magazines to blogs to television shows.

Why choose Russet to buy our prints?

We feel Russet has its own niche in the market. We love simple and clean design and our prints compliment many different interior decor schemes because of this. We don’t push ‘busy’ art because we want our prints to have lasting appeal. We put a lot of thought and effort into getting a design ‘just-right’ and our barometer for when a design is print-ready, is that we both have to be happy to display it on our own walls!

Find out more here!

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