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Inside New South Wales’ Natalie Marie Jewellery

I can’t believe I haven’t come across Natalie Marie Jewellery before… not that I’m always looking at rings or anything 😉

But apart from the stunning vintage-eque, bespoke jewellery, I’m also in love with the incredible office space. The HQ of Natalie Marie Jewellery is feminine, beautiful and has an earthiness to it, just like its rings.

Located in the heart of Avalon, in Sydney’s northern beaches, the studio and showroom is full of natural light, handcrafted furniture, brass accents, glistening crystals and, a real feature piece, a stunning artwork by Jordana Henry.

Natalie worked with Mr & Mrs White to bring the space to life while keeping it highly functional, with the custom designed and made cabinets and meeting bench. Natalie says the space was also very much inspired by her travels through California and Mexico, where walls are whitewashed, interiors are minimal and there are plenty of earthy tones.

What a treat it would be to turn up at this showroom-come-studio for a consultation. I think I would almost have a hard time focussing on the rings 😉

Take a look…

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