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The Penny Drop Cafe, Box Hill

When interiors, brand and photography meet at the top of their game, the result is something special. One such is The Penny Drop in Box Hill.

This cafe sits at the base of the newly refurbished Australian Tax Office building and its name plays on the concept of the ‘penny dropping’ from the pockets of the ATO office above. It also comes from the ‘penny dropping’ for its owners, realising a gap in the market to turn their once pop up coffee shop into an all-day eatery.

We Are Huntly is responsible for the chic interiors – with art deco light fittings, textured surfaces and nude tones, while Pop and Pac created the slick The Penny Drop brand.

Take a look at the images below by Brooke Holm from here and add this eatery to your Melbourne must-dine-at list!

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