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Peek inside this black & white family home in Melbourne #getinmyhome

Peek inside the home of Lisa and Mark Poulier, the married couple behind Melbourne graphic design studio, Poulier & Poulier. Their balance of crisp whites and stormy dark tones set a dramatic, romantic and classic theme in their family home for five (plus, of course, Rupert the pug)!

Take a look through the home of Lisa Poulier, a graphic designer and Mark Poulier, an advertising art director who find...

Living room Lisa and Mark’s love of typefaces inspired the home’s decorative features. Bunting, typographic...

Hallway Rupert with bunting made from Poulier & Poulier teatowels.

Child's bedroom An antique-style daybed is an elegant touch in this pretty room.

Living room The marble fireplace is one of the home’s many original features.

Art Antique pieces are paired with contemporary items to lend character to the home.

As seen in the July/ August...

Thanks to Home Life for these gorgeous images.

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