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Penny Farthing Design House launches community-focused collection

Penny Farthing Design House has launched a new collection of artworks in a bid to support local Sydney-based artists.

It showcases the work of four up and coming artists: Kristen Lethem, Patrick Langlois, Adelaide Mourd and Gabrijela Polic, including some limited edition pieces. Each artist has their unique style, ranging from fashion-inspired photographic pieces to those inspired by the raw patterns of nature.

Penny Farthing’s Sarah Neilsen says that being a small business owner has given her a huge appreciation of the importance of community for support.

“Sydney is home to some of the most talented artists from around the globe and our business prides itself on celebrating this, while being able to support their work.”

Based on the peninsula in Balmain East, Sydney, Penny Farthing was born out of a desire to produce accessible, high quality works – whether you are starting from scratch to decorate your new home or wanting to bring some new inspiration to your existing interiors.

Take a look at the four new collections and learn about the artists behind them below…

blush_grande memories_of_you_1024x1024

With a strong emphasis on colour, intricacies and pattern, Sydney artist Gabrijela Polic would describe her style as both organic and abstract. The inspiration for which is not confined to one particular medium. While she is heavily influenced by the repetitious patterns in nature or man made objects, she also looks to friends, family, magazines, and philosophy to spark her creativity.

GiveMewingsstylednew_copy_grande LITS_web_grande


Adelaide Mourd is a young artist from Sydney, currently studying film. She describes her style as infinitely unrefined, raw and edgy. While she sometimes shoots in colour, she is more drawn to black and white images and has a keen interest in film photography. The photographs evoke a sense of freedom or of breaking free.




Lethem works mainly with ink and acrylic on board and is primarily interested in patterns within the landscape, formed as a result of the interplay between topography, vegetation and by extension shadow and light. The series of works created for Penny Farthing looks at shapes and patterns within the landscape and also within the flora that occupy the landscape. The works are predominantly monochromatic to help emphasise the idea of pattern and shape.

SeatedNudeno.3_grande SeatedNudeno4-insitu_grande


Patrick Langlois is a Sydney based artist who produces beautiful canvasses that capture the female form with minimal but bold line work. A successful architecture career influences and informs his artist practice. This is evidenced in his appreciation of line to express form and focus, and his attention to textural surfaces.

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