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How to prepare your bedroom for a fashionable new winter look

Here it is, once again. Tiptoeing into our homes almost unnoticed, fogging window panes, dimming our bright summer days and forcing us all to curl up around a good book and a warm cup of cocoa.

And isn’t that precious?

How could we appreciate the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter?

Winter is the perfect pretext to indulge in our life indoors, to pamper ourselves with decadent desserts, sweet jams and aromatic stews. Winter brings out our strongest nesting instincts, bringing out a compulsive desire to ready our personal indoor oasis for the season. Rugs, bed-runners, blankets, sheep skins, throw backs and candles – can you imagine your winter home without any of these exquisite items?

Winter is synonymous with bedroom luxury

In winter, your bedroom should be your sanctuary, a serene space sheltered from your still-busy life and the cold, dark days outside. Your winter bedroom should exude warmth, it should invite you to coil yourself among layers of soft, luxurious materials and linens.

So how do you achieve a perfect winter look and feel without digging a huge hole in your home budget?

Manchester Warehouse has some clever suggestions to help you prepare your bedroom for winter and create a playful and attractive mix of finishes, patterns and textures without breaking the bank.

Ready to ‘winterise’ your bedroom with essential accessories? 

1. Welcome soft throw rugs to your surfaces

A nice, soft rug instantly ups the cosiness level of a bedroom, keeping your feet or lap snug on a dark winter morning. Manchester Warehouse’s faux fur rugs and throw backs are comfortable against your skin, lovely to look at and they come in all the colours on-trend for Winter 2014 .

MWthrowback 2. Start from the bottom up

The first step to the perfect bed is to insulate yourself by using a wool mattress underlay.

Take Manchester Warehouse’s Essence Platinum Underlay, designed to provide maximum cushioning and up to 40 per cent improvement in your sleeping comfort. Of course, luxury underlays also provide that extra warmth in winter.


3.  Change the way you think about your bed sheets

Cotton sheets can be too thin and cool for cold weather. Brushed cotton, jersey knit, or flannel sheets are a wiser option. Try Manchester Warehouse’s luxurious Bombay Twill Flannelette sheets this season. These are woven using 100 per cent Egyptian cotton and brushed on both sides to trap the air and maintain warmth.

MW-flanelette sheets

4. Cover up in floaty warmth 

A thick, fluffy duvet or comforter for your bed is possibly one of the smartest investments you could make. Feather or down comforters are particularly warm and comfortable and will even end up saving on your electricity bill. Synthetic fibres are hypoallergenic and provide as much warmth. An electric blanket underneath, or its vintage sister – the hot water bottle – between the comforter and the sheets is the icing on the cake.

5. Layer, Layer, Layer. Did I mention Layering?

Yes, layers are the key to winter style, as well as practical comfort. Similar to the way you add jackets to jumpers, piling on the different textiles in a bedroom is your best ally against the cold at night. Layering lets you adjust how warm you are in bed as the room and your body temperature changes.


6. Fall in love with your bedroom space

Why not embrace luxury fabrics, stylish patterns and warm textures we’re all lured to in cold weather?  You only get to indulge for a few months of the year. Manchester Warehouse’s bed linen, quilt covers, duvets, pillows, blankets, throw rugs and other accessories help you create the style of your choice and embrace the space where you spend a great part of your life during the colder months.

Here are some of the many bold looks you could inject into your new winter theme:

1. A bright colour accent

Creating atmosphere in your bedroom with a bold palette is simple and affordable. Keep the walls neutral and add colour with bed linen as illustrated by this stunning turquoise quilt cover set, below.


2. Country cottage

Combine florals with stripes and patterns and the result will be quintessentially English country elegance. Dress the room with a few pieces of vintage, wooden furniture and accessories for an authentic look.

winter bedroom styling3. Exotic highlights 

A touch of melancholy combined with luxurious Japanese floral fabrics for a dramatically vibrant focal point in your personal sanctuary.


4. French country 

A soft country palette of greens and whites, and a mix of toile cottons and knitted accessories come together to create this fresh and crisp look.

MW_country french

5. Neutral grey palette

Monochrome keeps your bedroom’s new look simple. Try a charcoal scheme and create interest by adding a personal touch through textures like chunky knits, pillows and throw rugs. Warm colours like red, orange or yellow are perfect accent colours for this theme, for a touch of spice.


Feeling inspired?

Visit Manchester Warehouse for endless ideas on new winter bedroom themes, features, style tips and a lot more.

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