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Reece x Zuster: the slick new bathroom collection

Twelve months on from the launch of the cutting-edge range that saw Zuster collaborate with Reece bathrooms to launch ‘ISSY by Zuster‘, the brands have launched their latest collection.

The leading-edge design collaboration showcases high end bathroom design at its prettiest.

Incorporating the trend towards darker shades in the bathroom and the continuing popularity of metallics, the new embellishments marry beauty, functionality and storage to build on the hotel-luxe collection that was by women, for women.

Inspired by Zuster’s new Jewel collection, the additions add luxe, flexibility and durability to create a poetic but practical approach to the modern bathroom. As Fleur Sibbel, Zuster Managing Director, explains:

The bathroom is a sanctuary, so we wanted to create a more distinctive mood that continues to address the essential functions we love and need as women, as well as offer the lovely moments of surprise that a bathroom can inhabit.

Sisters Wilhelmina McCarroll and Fleur Sibbel are the award-winning duo behind Zuster – the name synonymous with beautiful Australian made bespoke designer furniture.

Take a look at just some of the looks from the ISSY by Zuster collection…

150702-zuster-reece-001-915x587 150702-zuster-reece-002b 150702-zuster-reece-007-towell-option zuster-issy-reece-z1-ballerina-1-thumb zuster-issy-reece-z8-butterfly-oak-2-thumbzuster-hero-z1-ballerina-en-pointe-portrait-low-res zuster-hero-z1-ballerina-oval-shaving-cabinet-low-res zuster-hero-z1-ballerina-oval-tall-mirror-open-low zuster-hero-z1-ballerina-oval-tall-mirror-closed-low-res zuster-hero-z1-ballerina-corian-top-deep-sky-night-low-res

4 thoughts on “Reece x Zuster: the slick new bathroom collection”

  1. Emily at getinmyhome

    It sure is unique – love how it doesn’t look like ‘normal’ bathroom fit outs 🙂

  2. Emily at getinmyhome

    Thank you! I’m loving this range – stunning and so ‘non traditional bathroom’ looking! 🙂

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