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Sage x Clare collaborate with Thankyou to create zesty new product!

Just recently I spent an evening with some of the most smart and inspiring people in business going around!

It was the launch event of a collaboration between two brands loved by Australians: Thankyou and Sage x Clare. The evening was as beautifully curated and meaningfully designed as you can imagine!

Thankyou is a “one percenter” of a brand. The affinity I feel towards it is unparalleled to any other personal hygiene products on the shelf.

If I dare pick up any other body wash to take a look during my weekly supermarket trip, I feel as though I’m cheating on a dear lover.

When I visit a friend’s place, and see their Thankyou handwash sitting at their kitchen sink, we share that knowing look.

What the team behind Thankyou has managed to create, in terms of building their community and making an impact in the world, and in a few short years, is nothing short of remarkable.

So when an invite arrived inviting me to celebrate Thankyou’s latest collaboration with the one and only Sage x Clare, I cleared my diary and responded with a huge “YES PLEASE!”.

So where did this collaboration come from?

Well, it’s the tale of a modern love story that began like most do these days — on the internet.

Thankyou had been on the prowl for a hand wash collaborator for some time…

It felt like we’d swiped through every eligible homewares brand this side of the equator. While there were some incredible suitors, no-one felt like the right match.

Then one day, they stumbled upon Sage x Clare, a bohemian homewares dreamboat with a soulful, beautiful aesthetic and a pioneering spirit.

It was love at first (web)site, as they say, with the founder of Sage x Clare, Phoebe Bell, a huge fan of Thankyou and eager to create a bold new design to help launch their latest product.

We wanted to dream big and looked to a Mediterranean summer for fragrance inspiration. Instantly, our brains transported us to a seaside piazza, sipping on a crisp lemon iced tea in the afternoon sun.

Zesty, fresh, summery AND it cleans and restores dull skin — lemon oil was definitely in, the team say. “But our brains didn’t stop there. What if we got a little too much sun that day?”

They needed something soothing and calming, some zang to balance out the zing of the lemon. Then their product team told them that aloe vera doesn’t just do that — it can also improve skin elasticity and reduce redness.

The design teams worked together to come up with a label that draws inspiration from the gardens of Morocco and evokes a sense of a Mediterranean summer right from within our bathrooms, while paying homage to one of the greats to emerge from the region, Pablo Picasso.

And so the Botanical Aloe Vera & Lemon Oil hand wash by Thankyou and Sage x Clare was born.

But the best thing about this collaboration? Just like every Thankyou product, 100% of profits help end global poverty, in particular with this handwash helping to bring water and sanitation to people in need.

Support these brilliant brands and buy yours for a limited time exclusively from your local Coles, Woolies, Priceline or Chemist Warehouse, or online here.

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