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Six ways to bring summer fun to your home

The long, hot days of summer provide the perfect opportunity to throw open the doors of your home and welcome visitors for a season of sharing and entertaining. It’s also a chance to embrace the great outdoors and bring that relaxed, tropical lifestyle to your home. If you’re looking to make the most of the long days of summer, here are five additions to make your home a perfect summer oasis.


Patios have become hugely popular in recent years, with patio designers and builders such as Altec specialising in designing outdoor areas perfectly suited to the home. Patios provide an outdoor area that is shaded from the sun and protected from the rain. Useable all year-round!


Nothing says summer quite like an outdoor barbecue with friends, and nothing sets the scene quite like a deck. Decking is a great addition to any home, adding a resort feel and extra living space. While decking is a good go-to option for multi-level homes, it’s not confined to raised properties and can even be incorporated as a garden feature when used as a separate stand-alone destination in the yard.


A gazebo positioned strategically in the garden can add a great focal point for your backyard, and also provide a fabulous destination for entertaining or relaxing. By adding a gazebo to your pool area, you can create a resort feel, perfect for afternoon drinks by the poolside.


Careful landscaping can transform any backyard into a beckoning oasis. By planting a mix of shade trees and creating regions in your backyard, you can turn your backyard from a standard suburban block into an inviting retreat from day-to-day life. The best landscaping is based on creating points of interest in the yard, such as a series of small rooms.


When it comes to ultimate ways to beat the heat, the good old-fashioned swimming pool is the quintessential big ticket addition to your property. Should you have the budget, the climate and the space, a pool can add solid lifestyle and monetary value to your property. Even in small backyards, a plunge pool can provide a great place to cool off and dip your toes as you enjoy a hot summer’s afternoon.

Water Feature

If a pool is a little beyond your means but you crave the tranquillity of water, then a simple water feature can add life to your home as well as a touch of Feng Shui. The sound of running water or the calm reflection of a small pond provides a cool allure so often sought after in the heat of summer.

Summer is the perfect season to enjoy all that your home has to offer, both inside and out, and to share that enjoyment with family and friends. With a few simple additions you can create a resort feel that will have you clamouring to head home, kick off your shoes and simply sit back and relax in the comfort of your own space!

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