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Small batch linen with modern prints – hello Flat+Fitted!

Caroline Crivera has always nurtured her creative streak, but it took a few years until she really found her passion. She grew up in Echuca and moved to Melbourne to study Advertising at RMIT. After working within that industry for a good ten years, Caroline felt that her work-life balance was off kilter, so she made the move into remedial massage. But after a few successful years, that yearning for something more proved too strong to ignore. 
“I felt it was the right time to move forward with another project I’d been thinking about for years – designing bed linen. I had a particular interest (some would say fetish) with patterned sheets and had an idea of the type and quality of product I’d be proud to manufacture. Working together with my husband, Ron who is a graphic designer, our Melbourne made bed linen brand ‘Flat+Fitted was born. It coincided with the birth our first child Archie Fox Whitfield, now 10 months old, so life has been a little hectic and crazy wonderful for us of late.
The Melbourne-based duo’s launch range of products is made from 100% Egyptian cotton in four geometrical designs. Not only do I love the patterns, but the names are beautifully thought out too: Harmony, Honeycomb, Morocco and Melody! Plus, with a 280 thread count, the doona covers, sheets (flat and fitted of course!) and pillowcases are more than a little bit luxurious.
“It was important to us that our bed linen was high quality and stylish while still being affordable and the range definitely does tick all those boxes. We’re having fun creating products that people can make memories with and cherish for a long time.”
Check out Flat+Fitted’s website and Instagram and Facebook profiles.
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