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Stylish ways to prepare your home for the summer

Now that summer has finally arrived, dealing with extreme heat at home can be a challenge. While you can simply open the windows and let the fresh air in, there are lots of other ways to beat the heat and keep your home stylishly cool during warmer months. Here are a few suggestions you might want to consider.

Put up window awnings

Enhance your home’s exterior the practical way. Window awnings not only look great, they also prevent the sun’s rays from entering your home. They are available in countless colours and styles and can easily be designed around your home for a custom fit.

Add indoor plants

Bring the outdoors inside. Indoor plants do much more than just adding a splash of colour inside. Plants naturally cleanse the air and are perfect for increasing the oxygen purity in your home. Some plants are better suited to the low light conditions of interiors so be sure to consult a professional at your local garden centre for tips.

Opt for evaporative coolers

Invest in an efficient cooling system. Consider replacing your old system with a modern system from Brivis. Systems such as the Brivis Iceberg are incredibly efficient to run throughout the summer months and are built for the demanding conditions of the Australian summer. Efficient cooling systems can use up to half the energy of older systems and are perfect for both new and existing homes.

Brighten your home with colours

Inject some fun into your home by accessorising it with colourful pieces. There are endless ways to turn your home into a quick summer getaway. Liven up your sofa with beach-themed pillows and decorate your space with ocean-inspired accessories. You may also paint your walls with cooler accents such as blues and greens. These colours are said to trick your brain into thinking your home is cooler than it really is.

With these simple tips, you’re sure to keep your home cool and breezy this summer!

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