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This Sydney architecture/interior design firm isn’t what you think!


Here’s proof that you can never judge a book by its cover. The name ‘TomMarkHenry’ hardly makes three young, driven female business directors spring to mind does it! That’s just one of the reasons why this new Sydney-based architecture and interior design firm is making big waves in the industry.

TomMarkHenry was founded by Jade Nottage, Cushla McFadden and Chloe Matters after the three designers worked together on a number of large-scale interior projects between their two companies markandhenry and Matters Made.

With Chloe’s background in design and property development and Cushla and Jade’s interior architecture background, the three offer a unique and highly valuable breadth of experience and knowledge within design, development and construction game. The result is interiors that are simply stunning whilst managing to have a sense of warmth and ‘a little bit worn in’. Here’s what the talented ladies had to say…

Where did the name come from? 

TomMarkHenry pays homage to three inspirational men in our lives who have shown strength and character that we emulate through our business.

The name symbolises an interesting juxtaposition between the reality of us being three young female directors and the strong masculine dominance represented in the name. This name allows us to show an equal representation of our strength and masculine sides as well as the obvious feminine side.

In your experience, is this a male-dominated industry (or am I wrong in assuming this?!) and if so do you think this presents any extra challenges for you three in terms of gaining recognition/credibility?

The industry definitely used to be more male-dominated but we feel this is really developing like most industries and is more of an even playing field; as we know some of the most inspirational designers and businesswomen of our time are females.

Our name definitely plays on this inequality in a way, not because we feel we have to try and be men to be the best, but that we have equal characteristics that don’t discriminate against sex and having a successful business.

What’s in store for 2015 in terms of interiors/commercial developments?

TomMarkHenry have some big things on the cards for 2015, a bunch of really architecturally interesting residential projects, a boutique hotel that has been a dream for us and in the commercial sphere we have a several large big name developments in NSW and QLD. We are very excited to be reaching out nationally and gracing QLD with our designs!

Tell us how you bring your commitment to sustainability into your projects.

Where possible we try and use sustainable products such as bamboo, cottons, linens and jute. We also put a heavy influence on the quality of the air in a space, which is a very big issue that isn’t always considered. We love planting and naturally we try and use this resource to circulate the air.

We ultimately want to inspire people with our designs otherwise they will not last, so we feel its not necessarily about finding new materials, its about finding new ways to use the existing ones in a way that isn’t compromising the design.

Any favourite projects to date?

Bondi’s Best would have to be our favourite recent project in the hospitality sector and it opens this Friday!! It’s a tonal exploration of blues that emulate a sophisticated seafood restaurant with hints of shapes and textures that speak to the sea without being your average seafood joint.

The Paddington terrace is definitely our favourite residential at the moment; It was  converted from a 2.5 room, 1 bath to 4 bedroom 2 bath and amazing entertaining area with some interesting spaces that capture light. 

Where do you get your interiors inspiration from? 

Our work is influenced by being emotionally connected to our spaces by observing details, places, moments and people within that space. We draw inspiration from many sources including; friends, family, culture, art, fashion or even a walk down the block. Wherever it comes from, it takes us to where we need to go and places we didn’t even know we needed to go.

Favourite Australian designers? 

Luchetti Krelle, Tribe Studio Architects, Genesin Studio and Arent & Pyke.

TMH_Projects_Annandale_Thumbnail1-1170x850 TMH_DukRepublic_Thumbnail-1170x850 TMH_PottsPoint_Loungeroom_2-1170x850 MH_Project_The_Village_Bar (1) TMH_AmberSceats_LeaningMirror-1170x850 TMH_Projects_TheHills_geometricbrick MH_Project_The_Village_Dining TMH_PottsPoint_BedsideTable-1170x850

Images courtesy of TomMarkHenry.

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