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Sydney’s new tropical-inspired rooftop eatery Untied

I first came across Barangaroo a couple of years ago, on one of my many trips to Sydney for a business course I studied. I decided to get up early one morning and go on a run. My destination? As close as I could get to the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge and back in an hour.

This took me to the – at the time – major development site: Barangaroo, hailed as Sydney’s new landmark, waterfront destination.

Fast forward to 2017 and more than 50 bars and restaurants have opened in the retail and dining hub, with the entire precinct marked to open by 2024. One of these restaurants is rooftop eatery Untied

While it is located almost as urban as it could go, Untied is all about sharing the essence of Australia’s lush rainforests and tropical north to provide a respite from the bustling city surrounds.

Charged with interpreting this brief was leading hospitality design studio Technē Architecture + Interior Design.

“We wanted to recreate the feeling of walking into a house party, stripping back the formality and focusing on achieving a sense of intimacy and vibrancy through design,” says project interior designer Kate Archibald. 

The interiors are contemporary and feature graphic foliage-print wallpaper, which complements the deep green upholstered seating, green timber accents and generous amounts of greenery. Emerald and salmon accent colours brought through in the plush chairs add depth and contrast to the space.

Untied manages to balance sophistication with the truly Australian characteristics of approachability, charm and warmth.

Take a look…

sydney restaurant interiorsImages courtesy of Techne by Tom Blanchford.

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