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Test cubes like you’ve never seen them before – designed and made in Melbourne!

It’s always refreshing to see new products on the market, especially when they come from the ‘little guys’ – local designers carving out their own way in the retail world.

That’s why I was excited to see Jenny and James come on to the scene. The Melbournites make a perfect match being a product design engineer and woodworker respectively. The creatives are making their mark reinventing the humble test cube. They’ve developed high-quality hardwood timber holders with gold-plated magnets on every side. Insert the glass tube and use as vases or fill with herbs and spices. The ‘Test Cubes‘ make a stunning modular vase or spice rack system and can be attached to the fridge or place anywhere you want a unique talking point! Hand-made in Australia, they feature rock maple, myrtle and walnut hardwood timbers.

And the duo have just blown their crowdsourcing target on (congratulations Jenny and James!), so the tubes will be available online very soon! Take a look below, follow on Facebook and start planning your order now!

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