The beach glam Manly Wharf Hotel

Nowadays, before heading off to a place to eat, I’ll do my research on Instagram to find a place I like based on what the food and styling looks like. No joke! So coming across considered, stylish eateries is one of my favourite things.

I recently discovered the refurbished Manly Wharf Hotel in New South Wales, where relaxed, beachy vibes meet considered, glam design.

Owner Ben May sought out the best relaxed beach bars and hotels on a recent trip to Europe and set about bringing the je ne sais quoi aesthetic home.

He engaged interior designer Kristy McGregor to create dining, lounge and pop up bar areas, each flowing effortlessly into the next. Kristy introduced custom furniture, rope lighting and suspended surfboards to create a unique space full of laid back character.

The new look Manly Wharf Hotel is a place to relax while enjoying the bright, airy space with gorgeous textures and prints that bring the beach glam look to life.

Take a look…

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Images: Kristy McGregor Interior Designer


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