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The most beautiful abstract art at Creative Strokes

 Artwork can make or break a room. If you saw the judge’s reaction to the stunning and HUGE artwork in Julia and Sasha’s dining space on Sunday night’s ‘The Block’, you would understand the impact art can have. I recently came across one of The Block’s artwork suppliers – Melbourne’s Creative Strokes – and being a fan of the show and their pieces, I had to find out more.

My favourite way to incorporate art is to use it to bring colour into a room, which is exactly what Creative Strokes specialises in – colour, impact and emotion. The team have been selling oil paintings since 2008 and put their success down to offering free on-site consultations and mockup services, which are priceless for helping their clients choose the perfect piece for their unique space; be it in an office or home. Creative Strokes can even customise paintings based on their clients’ design or size preferences.

Recently, the online store expanded to include even more original artworks, including those by emerging and talented artists. My pick? The abstract pieces with gorgeous coastal ‘waves’ of paint in the most soothing of colours – stunning. Explore my pick of the pieces below and head over to to see the full range or call 1300 728 688.
Affordable and beautiful abstract paintings in Melbourne and Sydney 12113547_1713690485529014_47766730345129810_o supernova_nov2015 sydney-bronte-beach abstract-aqua_90x120

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