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The prettiest Christmas party you ever did see

I’ve just found the most incredibly styled Christmas party¬†– and one that’s kid-friendly too! I don’t know if it’s the teepees, reindeer cups, glitter¬†pinecones or the beautiful home peeking out of the background that I love the most.

Hosted by 100 Layer Cakelet, the festive kids party was set up by LA’s Fire and Creme Kids. So much inspiration for Christmas get-togethers, winter birthdays or kiddy parties!


FireCremeSwedishXmas_009 FireCremeSwedishXmas_017 FireCremeSwedishXmas_021 FireCremeSwedishXmas_050 FireCremeSwedishXmas_053 FireCremeSwedishXmas_063 FireCremeSwedishXmas_094 FireCremeSwedishXmas_107 FireCremeSwedishXmas_109 FireCremeSwedishXmas_113 FireCremeSwedishXmas_135 FireCremeSwedishXmas_147 FireCremeSwedishXmas_266 FireCremeSwedishXmas_287 FireCremeSwedishXmas_314 FireCremeSwedishXmas_366 FireCremeSwedishXmas_432 FireCremeSwedishXmas_536 FireCremeSwedishXmas_713

Images from 100 Layer Cakelet!

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