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The Studio Roller by George and Willy

I love a good story about how a product came to be, and childhood friends George Wilkins and William McCallum of George and Willy certainly have that.

Stumbling upon an old roll of butcher’s paper while rummaging through one of their granddad’s boat sheds, the pair created a simple wall bracket to hold and dispense the paper. This quickly became their main way to brainstorm ideas and making lists.

But it wasn’t until visitors to their workshop started asking for a roller for themselves, that George and Willy developed the concept into a product for others – and now it’s one of the most-loved item on their online store.

The ‘Studio Roller’ can be used to write menus and specials, sketch and draw plans or draw up notes and ideas. I’d love this in my home office – perfect – and can see it as being a fun and functional addition to many of my favourite studios, cafes and boutiques.

Check it out below and online here.

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