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The timeless Weylandts and my top 5 pieces

There’s nothing better than coming across a brand that is unapologetically itself. No cookie cutter shapes, designs or colours. In a world where designers seem to be getting their works duplicated constantly and so many stores look the same, it’s a real treat to find a brand with a strong identity: I’m talking about Weylandts.

Founded in Namibia, ‘Weylandts‘ is the creation of Edgar Weylandt. Originally starting as a traditional furniture manufacturer in 1964, today, Weylandts‘ modern spirit is fostered by Edgar’s son, Chris Weylandt.

Those who know me are well aware I love the Scandinavian approach to design – unfussy, practical yet effortlessly beautiful. Almost surprisingly, this well-known South African brand has many Scandinavian influences, but what makes it so sought-after is the way it combines this refined aesthetic with the confident use of earthy, African handicraft.

The pieces have a very raw, strong and timeless appeal while also exuding a modern edge. With eight retail showrooms across South Africa, two in Namibia and one here in Melbourne, Australia, I explored the Weylandts range to bring you my five favourite pieces.

1. Ashoka Stool

This incredible stool is the perfect statement piece. I can see it being used in a grey and white based living room, adding glamour and intrigue. It’s absolutely exquisite and I love the Australian reference with the gum-leaf shaped pieces.


2. Kensington Lounge Chair

I have a thing for chairs and this one is a great ‘anywhere’ chair. Use inside or out – it has an aluminium frame with woven Polyethelene seat and backrest, meaning it is extremely durable. It’d look gorgeous in a set of two with a little table in the middle on a patio or balcony for a reading / coffee spot!


3. Monaco Sofa

I love an oversized sofa in soft grey and this one ticks all the boxes! The deep seats means it’s perfect for curling up onto and it doesn’t even need to be ‘dressed’ with other cushions – it looks complete as is.

monaco-sofa 4. Squat Coffee Table

We don’t want all of our furniture to match like a package suite – that shows no personality or warmth! This coffee table is a great way to introduce contrasting materials to your living room and would be beautifully finished with a couple of coffee table books and a vase of soft-coloured peonies.

squat-coffee-table 5. Relax Chair

My love of chairs continues with this gorgeous black leather and iron-frame chair. It’d work perfectly in the corner of a bedroom to sit in after a long day, while you slip off your shoes and transition into ‘relax’ mode.


Take a look at some of these beautiful pieces and more from Weylandts below and check out the gorgeous Melbourne store here!…

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