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The ultimate guide to bedroom lighting

As we’re all well aware, the bedroom is a place to relax and unwind for a crucial 7 – 8 hours (if we’re lucky!) at night. It’s therefore important from a health perspective, as well as a design perspective, to really nail our bedroom lighting and achieve a relaxing, ambient mood that soothes and calms us.

This guide, written in collaboration with the experts at The Lighting Outlet, is all about helping to us achieve a perfectly illuminated room – no matter what our taste or space.  

Size & Space

The first step to lighting up your bedroom is to honestly appraise your bedroom space and think about where lighting is needed. Are there any tricky corners of the room that will need extra illumination? Whereabouts are the power outlets placed? You’ll want to avoid using long extension cords after all.

Natural light and your bedroom’s colour scheme will also affect how much lighting you’ll need. If the space has tonnes of beautiful, natural light and is bright and airy, you may only need enough general light to get around at night time. If your space is big but you intend on using dark colours you’ll want to add a little extra illumination as black absorbs light, creating shadowing.


Now you’ve thought about space it’s time to think about light source positioning!  

Types of Lighting

There are many different light source options but in general three kinds of lighting exist.

There’s general lighting, also known as ambient lighting, which creates even, overall light to the room. It’s usually overhead (although not always).

There’s task lighting for specific needs such as reading lights, bedside table lights, vanities etc.  

Finally, there’s accent lighting, for highlighting specific features of the room. Track lights aimed  at a beautiful piece of art, or LED strip lighting for a recessed wall are examples.  

Levels of Light

Think of your bedroom as split into three different, horizontal levels. On the top level, overhead lighting, such as downlights, pendant lights, chandeliers or wall sconces are featured. Next, you have middle level lighting which is where all of your floor lamps, bedside table lamps, and vanity lights may go. Lastly, you have the lowest level of lighting that’s closest to your bedroom floor. Nightlights, ambient salt lamps, and led light strips underneath beds or behind skirting may go here.

Play around with what light source should be used on what level for the perfect mix of five-star lighting.

Decorating According to Style

Now it’s time for the fun part, exploring lighting options to fit your style. While there are so many different styles available to us, here are three popular ideas for bedroom decor:

Modern Romantic

What better way to relax in your room at night than with a soft romantic glow surrounding your room? For a modern romantic look think festoon lights draped over or near a beside, a warmly but simple chandelier X pendant drop down at the centre of the room and warm toned bedside lamps that are not overly fussy.

Tono Pendant Light: from The Lighting Outlet

Wintery Scandi

Scandinavian designs tend to pay homage to nature and the great outdoors. So, to achieve a brilliant Scandinavian look, we recommend using natural textures such as a wood or glass or using man-made objects, such as faux furs, that mimic and reflect the great outdoors. This Agnes 6 Chandelier reminiscent of reindeer antlers is a perfect example.

Agnes 6 Chandelier: from The Lighting Outlet

Industrial Chic

Looking for light fixtures that suit a contemporary, industrial apartment? Achieve the downtown loft look with cool ambient lighting, that softly illuminates areas of the large space lofts and industrial settings usually occupy. This SPIAGGIA3 4 Pendant Light made from iron and wood, combined with some well-positioned track lighting would be a great example.

SPIAGGIA 4 Pendant Light: from The Lighting Outlet

We hoped this helped in the quest for the ultimate bedroom lighting. Whether you’re decorating an entire bedroom from top to finish or just looking to update your look, we hope you factor any of these three lighting tips into consideration.

Header image from the amazing Amber Interiors’ Second Time’s a Charm home.

5 thoughts on “The ultimate guide to bedroom lighting”

  1. Beautiful lights on the page. I specially like the industrial style pendants made from vintage wire and the like. Very chic! I think black ones with Edison globes look simply stunning, and are all the rage now in bars, restaurants and cafes.

  2. Amazing content! Beautiful lighting certainly offers a relaxing surrounding and takes tiredness away. I also would like to give a suggestion here; LED bulbs also look attractive in your bedroom or houses. Because, LED bulbs do not produce so much heat, they mainly distribute a light that is essential.

  3. Seems like an amazing idea to make an interior space nice and beautiful. Each fixture has its own appeal, love all of them, but industrial chic lighting is our favorite.

  4. Wow! Love the industrial styled lighting. Can they go well with a home décor? I think they are more for public restaurants and museums. Really a simple good guide thanks for sharing!

  5. Great Inspirations! Most of the lighting fixtures in the post are LEDs. They all are so beautiful. LED lights do not only save energy but make any space look chick and beautiful.

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