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Three ways to style your home this festive season

If you are anything like me, then decorating your home is your favourite part about Christmas (well, apart from the food and family of course!). 

No doubt, you’re already thinking about the delicious food shopping you need to do, working through the gift buying list, and checking supplies of Christmas crackers and festive napkins from last year. 

To help make things a little bit easier, I’ve partnered with the team at Metricon to find out how to style our homes this festive season.

Metricon’s Senior Interior Designer, Tracey Noonan, says that a beautiful Christmas tablescape can bring plenty of festive spirit without costing a fortune or taking hours to create, which is what we all like to hear!

Like with any styling, it helps to have a plan first, think about the inspiration for the table. There are endless possibilities and if you’re looking for ideas, Pinterest or Metricon’s online LookBook is a great place to start. Once you have a theme in mind, consider the colour palette you’ll work with and look for pieces that suit the style.

So let’s explore the top three styles for this year, which we can start with on our dining table and then extend to the rest of our homes. And remember: don’t be afraid to bring in your own elements and be playful – that’s what styling is all about!


First we have the ‘Scandinavian’ aesthetic, which is all about a focus on modern form and function. Think white paired with red, and traditional mixed with casual elements. You can even bring in touches of pink to play on the current trend of red and pink colour palettes. It gives a very fresh and relaxed vibe.

High Street

The ‘High Street’ look is based on a timeless design aesthetic that is luxurious and minimalistic. Bring in an assortment of black and gold pieces to develop an elegant and traditional, yet simple table. Then, pair with crisp white linen and trios of column candles for an extra touch of sophistication. 

Nordic Elk

Finally, we have the ‘Nordic Elk’ style (which would have be my pick of the three!), which is centered around wintry motifs inspired by the original Nordic landscape – like cute reindeer and Christmas tree shapes. These are paired with a simple and earthy palette of warm, rustic, timber elements, mixed with native foliage and, silver touches. Clippings of gum trees running down the middle of the table bring in an antipodean touch. 

I’d love to know your favourite style of the three? Let me know in the comments below!

Images courtesy of Metricon.

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