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Top 10 useful tips for packing up your home

Having just moved house, I get how big a job it is! I went on three different trips to pick up boxes alone! Then there’s what do with those tricky items like big artworks and fragile lamps. Who better to give us fail-proof tips than some of the experts in the industry; Hire A Packer. Big thanks to the team for sharing their advice. Take a read!

1. Decide whether or not to use a packing service. Home packing services can be used to focus on packing the time-consuming rooms with lots of breakables such as the kitchen and living room, they don’t need to pack the whole house.

2. Get a range of boxes and packaging materials. If you don’t have a local box shop, you can hire or buy your moving boxes online and have them delivered the next day. Don’t forget to order wrapping paper!

3. When packing up your food items, pack all of the heavier items like jars and cans on the bottom of your moving boxes. Layer your lighter and more fragile items like boxes of Oreos and crackers on the top.

4. When packing fragile items such as glassware, it is important to make a cushioning of paper on the bottom of the box. Wrap each item separately in a sheet of butchers paper and place them upright in the box. Ensure you put a layer of scrunched up paper at the top of the box too.

5. When packing saucepans and pots, stack them in groups of three, with the smaller pots inside the larger ones. wrap each pot in wrapping paper before placing into the other pots.

6. Packing books is a little less complicated. It is important to lay the books flat so not to damage the spines. It is ideal to use book carton boxes and nothing larger, otherwise the boxes will become too heavy.

7. Packing wine and spirits are best done with dividers inside the boxes. If they are not available, then the bottles can be wrapped in packing paper and placed standing in the book box. Any gaps must be filled with scrunched up paper to prevent the bottles knocking into one another.

8. Linen and towels can be used as packing material to pad boxes and wrap dishes, so you can pack these last. When packing up the bathroom, make sure to set aside your daily essentials and medicines and keep the liquids in leak-proof containers.

9. Don’t forget to label each box so the movers can place each box into the appropriate room and you know which boxes to unpack first. Put fragile stickers on the boxes with delicate items inside such as kitchen items, and boxes from the living room.

10. Finally, make sure you choose a professional removal company, they are more experienced, have trusted reviews, and are less likely to damage your possessions.

I hope these packing tips help to make your whole moving process that bit easier!


3 thoughts on “Top 10 useful tips for packing up your home”

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  2. YES! Such a good tip. Moving is the perfect time to have a huge sort out. There is point moving things we no longer want or need to the new place, only to sit in cupboards! Thanks Chris!

  3. Great tips, Emily.

    If I may offer number 11 – Take this an opportunity to throw out a bunch of stuff you don’t need! Makes packing a lot easier.

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