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Where to buy super king bed sheets

I know, I know! They can be among the hardest of linen to find! But there’s a reason super kind bed sheets are becoming increasingly in demand…

With our biggest houses, and bigger bedrooms, it would be a crime not to upgrade to a mega king size bed wouldn’t it?!

Today I’m sharing where to find super kind bed sheets online at a bargain price plus a few tips for when it comes to styling your biggie sized bed!

Upgrade all round

First up, if you’re going to the effort of buying a luxurious sized bed, you’re going to want the linen to match. The higher the thread count, the more luxe it’s going to feel climbing in. And if you don’t believe me, honestly try it! We just upgraded our sheets and I didn’t think we’d notice much difference…. I was wrong! The softness doesn’t lie!

Where to buy

Manchester Collection have a range of 1,000 thread count (yep, I know right – SUPER luxe!!) sheets. I love the classic white super king sheets along with the cosy jersey sheet option. They fit the increasing popular 204×204 mattresses. There the place to visit if your after sheets for high queen or king mattress, offering deep pocket sheets in high depths. Whether you are after jersey, 1000 thread count sheets, bamboo, linen sheets or simply just fitted sheets or pillowcases, they have something for all tastes.

How to style

You may have guessed it by now, but you’d better warn your better half: the bigger the bed, the more pillows needed! Aim for three European pillows across the back of the bed to avoid gaps, then I’d recommend adding four standard pillows and three smaller decorate cushions in different colours and shapes.

Why not upgrade your bedsheets today!

This post is proudly supported by Manchester Collection.


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