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Why I love my i-Vac

So I must admit, there is always dust to be found at my place. Whether it has quietly gathered on the windowsills or snuck its way onto the tops of wardrobes, dust is something I just can’t keep up with, and my vacuum cleaner ain’t helping cos it just can’t get to those tucked away places… Enter the i-VAC X 10 handstick.

This little legend can either be used as a stick vacuum or hand vacuum. It is lightweight, good lookin’, and the most important thing, cordless! This means that you can take it out to the car to suck up those unrelenting bits of dirts or grab it and and zap those crumbs that got on the couch, the floor, or even the bed (if you’re one of those weekend brunch-ers!).

If you are in the market for a cordless, mini and mighty vacuum cleaner, head over to Godreys because they are having a stocktake sale until June 28 2017 with free shipping for orders over $99. Boom!
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