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Why shutters are all about sophistication

Have you ever noticed that the shape, size and – importantly – the dressings of windows completely change the mood of a room? There has long been research pointing to the impact that natural light has on our productivity and mental health. Even without that research, I’m sure you know what I mean when I say I just feel really GOOD being in a beautifully sunny indoor space. 

Which leads me to my favourite ways to achieve a well-lit room. First of all, large windows are key, and ideally ones that have an outlook that isn’t the brick wall of the house next door or the concrete expanse of an apartment building. We all know that they are mood-killing vistas!

Second of all, and this is the one we have control over, is what we do with our windows. What we want to avoid is drawing attention to the window dressings or blocking off the light, and instead let the view do the talking and the sun stream in. My favourite way to do this is to use muted colours and a combination of shutters and drapes.

Plantation shutters have a classic luxe feel to them and remind me of gorgeous Hamptons homes. They can also be seen from the outside of your home, adding that special something extra to its design. It’s hard to find a home that shutters don’t work in, and because they are a timeless option, they can add value and appeal to your property. To me they represent the ultimate sophistication for homes.

My tips are to stick to a white or off white and for living rooms and bedrooms, add slightly darker toned curtains each side that have extra length to puddle onto the floor. This will adding glamour and drama. If you want an easy option, DIY Online Blinds (an Aussie company) lets you order custom shutters online (choose from ‘Alpine White’, ‘Ivory’ and ‘Vanilla’ – I love those names!) and they will then deliver and install them. Easy!

Take a look at some of my favourite looks with shutters…


Top image from here. Image above from here.


Image above from here.


Image above from here.


Image above from here.


Image above from here.

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  1. Agreed. Shutters have their own unique charm that add drama to a room. Slightly darker toned curtains at each side look great on shutters, indeed.

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