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WIN free passes to a design & reno expo! #getinmyhome

Lovely getinmyhome-ers! Enter HERE for a chance to win one of FIVE double passes to the Melbourne Design & Renovation Expo next weekend (Friday 12th July to Saturday 14th July)!

The expo showcases the best 250 industry leaders specialising in innovative building materials and products.  Free industry seminars and the `Ask an Expert’ features are key highlights and there will also be a family activity area to keep the little ones entertained!

As well as including some of Australia’s most recognised brands, the Build & Renovating Expo is a major launching pad for many new products and services that are entering the market, such as bathrooms, kitchens, flooring, lighting, heating/cooling, doors & windows, energy efficiency & solar products, roofing, fencing & gates, building materials, outdoor living, pools & spas, finance and sustainability solutions and more! 

Here’s some visual inspiration from the expo organisers showcasing what they can help you achieve!

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Rossini Ocean

Lansell_Rd_102 - Copy



Enter the comp HERE!!

3 thoughts on “WIN free passes to a design & reno expo! #getinmyhome”

  1. Thanks Emily for the double pass to Design & Reno Expo this weekend! Can’t wait! #getinmyhome

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