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Your guide to selling your home

Selling a home can be an incredibly daunting process. Few home owners truly know what they are getting themselves into when they list their property on the market and many look back on the process, wishing they had a few tips to help them along the way.

We’ve included some of our top tips below to navigate the process of listing your home for sale. There are plenty of other things to consider however the below are all great things to consider before you even consider starting the process.

1. Valuation

Obtaining a valuation is critical to set your expectations around a potential sale price. A valuation provides a comprehensive report on your properties value based on location, condition and proximity to essential services such as public transport etc. An estate agent will provide you with a valuation as part of their service, however, consulting a third party for a second opinion provides many with piece of mind.

2. Preparing your home for sale

Make sure that your home is in top condition before selling it. Would be vendors will review your property from top to bottom so it’s essential that everything is in working order and a well-maintained condition. Homes that are ready for buyers to live in are incredibly appealing as they can simply move in and enjoy their new property without the hassles of renovations.

3. What time to sell

It’s really important that you consider when you should list your home on the market. Timing can be affected by weather, school schedules as well as holidays plus many other factors. If you’re selling a family home, it might not be best to list your home at the start of the school year when families are typically dealing with busy schedules. Consider your prospective buyers before listing to ensure the timing doesn’t hinder your chances of serious interest.

4. Interior styling advice

Styling your home can help you make a big impression when would be buyers walk through the door for the first time. Many estate agencies include interior styling advice as part of their service however consulting a professional to walk through your home for tips can really give your home an edge over others in the market. Stylists help people do up their homes every day so don’t be afraid to consult them for professional advice.

5. Choosing the right estate agent

Finding the right estate agent to sell your home is incredibly important. Agents may sell homes for a living however not all agents are equal when it comes to selling your home. Check out RateMyAgent to review agents currently selling homes in your area. The site was designed to help vendors find the right agent and is amassing 2000+ reviews each week from genuine vendors who rate their experiences with agents. All reviews are linked to the sold property listings so it’s incredibly easy to determine which agent is selling homes similar to your place and nearby.

When selling your property, it is incredibly important to be well researched so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. There are plenty of resources out there to help you along the way though the above are some critical things to consider before picking up the phone to your estate agent.

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